Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cabbage Patch Mania!

I remember quite clearly the christmas where I got my first Cabbage Patch doll. It was the year they were so popular mom's were fighting in the isles for them and my poor mom braved the stores to bring one home. They were the big thing as each doll was diffrent if even just slightly and of course they had their own names and birthdays which were random. You could get them with diffrent colored hair, no hair, and of course diffrent skin tones. It was a big deal people, this was the 80s!!

I remember it so well as I desperately wanted a Teddy Ruxpin, sorry Cabbage Patch you did end up being my faithful companion for many years, and mom came home with a Cabbage Patch. Heh, ok I was a huge tomboy dolls were not my thing ironically as I've gotten older I have started to appreciate dolls much more these days and I was soo excited when I saw that the Cabbage Patch were re releasing the 1980s dolls. Seriously though the newer versions of the Cabbage Patch dolls are nice I just don't think any of the series have been quite as adorable as the first. Maybe its just me, but I've always thought the faces on the original Cabbage Patch were so adorable.

The best part about the re release though is if you watched your parents fight over getting you just the right Cabbage Patch when you were growing up or if you were too young, or .. *gasp* not born when they were released, just saying that makes me feel old, you can now enjoy the magic with your own kids or even just for the first time. I think it would actually be fun to recreate that epic battle my mom did to get me my own Cabbage Patch doll all those years ago. Yes I know I'm a total dork!

You can visit the Cabbage Patch Kids at their own website and browse the many options for buying your own Cabbage Patch 25th Anniversary kid. They are also available on Amazon!


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