Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wiggle it up!

Connor's two favorite things in this world are : his best buddy Melos, and anything that will make him dance. The Wiggles are no exception to this rule and the combination of the highly animated and excited cast along with a host of costumed characters I think they wrote it just for Connor.

The Wiggles : You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is the newest edition to the Wiggles home movie collection. Well you guessed it, its all about dancing! I have the Banana Boat Song stuck in my head about 24 hours a day now thanks to The Wiggles. I will start dreaming I am a pirate soon, which isn't really a stretch for me but I'm sure it will end up being some sort of weird Banana Pirate dream.

The video in all is a great collection of basically mini music videos that is sure to get your kid up and dancing. Though I wouldn't consider it necessarily educational it is a great way to get a little exercise in before nap time. Or a great distraction if your trying to do the dishes.. heh.

Here is the official description :

Currently airing on the Disney Channel, The Wiggles dance and sing their way into the hearts of children everywhere and is the #1 program in its time slot with children aged 2-5. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is the second offering in the Wiggles & Learn series and features special guest Wiggle Leo Sayers who joins Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Sam Moran to show off their best dancing moves. The Wiggles’ experience as early childhood educators has taught them that children learn best through play, and this DVD is the perfect offering for young ones to play, dance and sing along to. Some of the new songs featured on the DVD include “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing,” “The Shimmie Shake!,” “Banana Boat Song,” and “I Drive The Big Red Car”.

The Wiggles : You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is available July 29th on Amazon!


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