Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who needs a rocking horse?

I have been after a rocking horse for what seems like ages.. and when I came across the Rody, I knew my search was over.

Rody is not at all a rocking horse, nor is it a ride on, Rody is well.. a Rody. The Rody horse is basically a huge inflatable horse which you can bounce on, wiggle on, and yes.. even rock. He is the perfect first balance toy as Rody is not just tons of fun but he is great for toning muscles, learning balance skills, and is exceptionally good for improving strength in children with handicaps.

Rody is totally adjustable, just inflate to the size of your child, less air for a smaller child and more for a larger child. Because of this Rody is great for ages 2 to 4 but Connor at 14 months LOVES to bounce on his Rody. Because children under the age of two might not have enough balance skills to work Rody on their own, you should always supervise them when playing. With Connor I just hold on to Rody's face while he gets on and off and I keep my hands on Rody's shoulders while he is bouncing just to give him some extra balance. Though he is actually good enough at it that I can let go at times, I for the most part keep my hands on Rody at all times Connor is playing just so he doesn't get off balance and scare himself. We usually end up playing on Rody for a good ten minutes or more before bedtime and its a perfect way to get out that little bit of left over energy. He is also a favorite toy in the mornings as it gets us both going. I am actually super jealous of Connor's Rody and I just learned that they make them now in a larger size thats sutiable even for adults!! Can you just imagine us both hopping around on our Rody's in the morning?

If you're dead set on that rocking horse but love the bouncing abilities of the Rody its ok, they do offer a rocking platform attachment to turn the Rody into a full fledged rocking horse.

The Rody horse has to be one of the most durable toys I have seen. If you are familuar at all with exercise balls basically Rowdy is a super high quality exercise ball shaped like a horse. Though it says ages 2-4 I plopped down on Rowdy and even bounced around the room a little on my knees and our Rody did not strain at the load, though I am sure I looked ridiculous but no one saw me.. and no I won't send you a picture. He is outdoor safe and waterproof so its no big deal if your kids forget their friend outside and it rains.

My favorite part about the Rody, is the fact that he comes in a huge variety of colors so you can choose the exact Rody to suit your tastes. Personally I got a teal one for Connor but I really love the black Rody as well!

Rody is available directly from Gymnic at their website!

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Anonymous said...

The Rody looks like fun. They don't make them in adult sizes? Darn.

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