Sunday, July 13, 2008

A super light digital video recorder perfect to tuck in your purse!

I know I've said it before but I'm terrible about taking videos of Connor. At some point in his life he will scream at me for the lack of video coverage of his early days but its honestly just from the fact that never have my camcorder when I need it. I do have the perfect solution in my purse however!

The Vado is a great new digital camcorder from my friends over at Creative Labs. Its small.. its super super light.. and its actually really durable. We have done other digital camcorder reviews in the past and I expected it to be purse sized but I never in a million years expected it to be SOO light. I mean it weighs less than my smallest digital camera and its thinner too! Its seriously light enough that it goes head to head with my razor phone as to what I seem to dig for more as it just gets lost in the sea of junk I keep in my purse. Thank goodness its bright pink or I'd spend all day looking for it its soo thin.

I am really impressed not only is it small but it comes complete with a rechargeable battery that just charges by plugging it into a USB port. Actually the only two things that come in the box is the battery and the camera and all you do is pop in the battery and you are good to go. No cords, no charging bases, nothing to loose.. just the Vado. The built in USB adaptor just pops into your computer and tada your ready to upload videos as well. The software is all built in so again there is nothing to do but upload. The software itself allows you to watch the movies, copy them to hard drive, or upload them directly to YouTube or Photobucket.

The Vado boasts a really clear and crisp 2" screen which allows you to see exactly what your filming and its video quality is actually quite good. It does do fairly well in dim lighting though you will see some small diffrent in the quality of the video if the lighting is poor enough. But overall thats acceptable seeing as most digital video recorders i have used barely show up at all if you are not in natural or florescent light. As well as a 2x zoom is a rare treat.

Really.. honestly.. my only complaint is that there is no editing software included with the Vado. I'd really like to splice some of my videos together or add music and I'd rather not buy a separate video editing package. Call me cheap but I think a basic video editing software should be included. And as always when it comes to digital video recorders it would be fabulous if they would have a way to upgrade the memory with the use of a memory stick. The Vado has 2 gigs of storage space but I'm a firm believer in the more the merrier. Otherwise I am as happy as you can get with this digital video recorder and the fact that it comes in pink.. makes me one happy girl. Don't worry boys.. it comes in silver too.

We uploaded two of our videos for you guys to check out. The first one is a recent birthday party we attended for our cousin Noah. For those of you that didn't believe me when I told you Connor had A LOT of cousins.. here is some video proof though this isn't even remotely all of them. Can you spot Connor? A little hint he is the one with the shoes on his hands.. his favorite past time. The second video is of Melos and our second to newest puppy playing at night in the office. Its not that bright in here and the lighting is awful and the Vado still did a great job. Can I interest anyone in a puppy? heh.

The Vado is available from Amazon as well as on Creative Lab's website.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela, this cam looks really cool,I have been looking for something that small and inexpensive to record my little girl. You know find big camcorders awkward to use. Nice picture quality btw, I mean it is actually quite OK and for 90 bucks it is a steal.

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