Sunday, July 13, 2008

A perfect way to make someone feel truly special!

When I worked in the corporate world I was always on the lookout for a place to buy really unique and fabulous gifts that could be delivered to our executive friends. They do not need to be especially expensive but it really becomes more of the art of gift giving.

RedPig Gifts is absolutely one of those places, the combination of fabulous items, amazing wrapping paper, and great shipping makes whatever your giving from their collection from a stuffed animal to an exotic set of fiber optic cuff links, perfect for the geek dad by the way. The founder over at Red Pig has really gone out of her way to put together a collection of gifts that are special and if your having one of those moments where you need a gift fast and you don't have time to look it would most certainly be the first place I would check. The best part is that each collection of gifts from jet set, executive, and babies/kids only have about a dozen to twenty selections per category which you may think isn't that many but if you have ever been in the midst of a gift giving crisis the last thing you want is to be buried in a pile of ideas.. I've been there and its not pretty.

Connor got a beautiful little plush mutt from RedPig Gifts wrapped so carefully in the most gorgeous wrapping paper I have ever seen. I let it sit on my table for almost two days before I had the nerve to actually allow him to open it. I've never actually felt guilty about letting my son half destroy half eat a package but I admit I had a bit of guilt as I watched him annihilate that package. It was bitter sweet as the mutt is stinking cute but the package was awfully pretty.

One really unique feature about Red Pig Gifts, their gift cards are hand written on a similarly designed super heavy note card stock as their wrapping paper. Its a nice touch, I was so moved I actually sat down the moment I opened the gift and sat it in the middle of my kitchen table and just admired the package and note card. It reminded me a bit of the beautiful presents my grandmother used to give me every little detail accounted for no matter what was inside it always made me feel special.

Now I know exactly what to get the person who has everything. Anything from RedPig Gifts.. as its not at all the present but sometimes truly the thought that counts.


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