Saturday, July 12, 2008

So whats the deal with Guitar Hero..?

Ok, I hate to even admit this but I have yet to play Guitar Hero.. though all I ever hear about from my friends Jason and Heather is how Guitar Hero rocks and how much I need it. Well I haven't gotten my hands on an actual copy of Guitar Hero yet but I did score the next best thing Guitar Hero On Tour for the DS.

When I first got it out of the box and hooked that cool little guitar adapter to the DS I felt a bit thrown off.. how exactly was I supposed to push the keys with my left hand and use the pick in my right. It was a bit of a learning curve but I did get it figured out in a few attempts and made it through my little tutorial session unharmed. Though I can't say it makes me feel as if I am actually playing a guitar at all.

The game play is actually very fun but it takes an immense amount of concentration at least on my part as I found out through many attempts that I may not be the most coordinated person on this planet. heh. For those of you that can just pick up a Guitar Hero game and really pound it out.. I am feeling little left out. I'm fairly sure that Heather's youngest daughter could beat me at this game, but I am not going to let that get me down.

One really interesting feature that will make you possibly look insane if your playing in public is the use of the mic to really boost your "star power" seriously, I am not joking, but if you scream at the game it actually boosts your score. I also found a squealing toddler that is pulling at your leg while your attempting to play does the trick as well. Hey at least I have one fan!

All in all, once I got used to holding the controller really my only complaint on the game is the fact that its not terribly long. Basically you get five levels of game play with several songs in each level (i haven't gotten to the end yet but I think its five per level don't quote me on that though) and seeing as I've only been playing about an hour and I'm more than halfway done I'd say its fairly easy to beat. Though seeing as I am currently playing on easy I will go back and attempt it on the harder levels as well. I only wish I had someone else nearby that had a copy as well so I could try out the duel mode.

Though I can't say I have any future as a rock star myself, not by this game's standards I can say I'm enjoying practicing. Now I know what the deal with Guitar Hero is.. its addicting.

Guitar Hero On Tour is available right now on Amazon!

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FawnGeorge said...

I like the magnetic Ship puzzle.

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