Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Poofy-est Poof in All of Poofdom!

If you are looking for the best girlie poof tutu out there, look no further. Not that I have had alot of experience with tutu's yet, as my daughter isn't in ballet - I know a good poof when I see one. And so does Sophia. Sophia is the dress up QUEEN. I call her Emelda Marcos because she has about 25 pairs of dress up shoes alone. And when she saw this tutu come out of the box, I thought she was going to stroke out. This girl knows her Poof. And so does Prissy Poofs.

PrissyPoofs became a reality in 2000 when a precious three-year old named Annie Hope requested a Pink Party, and demanded tu-tus for all of her guests...You know how persuasive three-year olds can be. The first "Poofs" were unveiled to sixteen three-year olds, and the response was overwhelming! As a result they can offer the same fantastically fabulous "Poofs" to you! Each is beautifully handcrafted with yards and yards of tulle. Take a look through their site to see how they have changed the way you look at dress-up!

Now onto the kid tested, mother approved section - Um, Sophia squealed and refused to take it off for bed after her bath. She spun, twirled looked at their colorful catalog and.... wait... what's that? OH NO! Annoying little brother is here to wreck my day!

Off the Poof, Hellspawn!

Go check out Prissy Poofs today and see the huge selections of Tutu's they have. They have them for special occasions, themes, tiny babies, bigger kids, and even Halloween! You will amazed like I was, when you take this beautiful, well made tutu from the box - and I assure you you wont be disappointed with the poof factor!!!!!

- Stacy @ Sagan's Universe - Contributing Writer at Seven Dogs and a Baby!


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