Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did you just touch me?

The Touch is one of the most unique "board" games I have ever tried out. Though I wouldnt exactly call it a board game its a great family game that pretty much anyone can play (once they can talk and no longer have the urge to eat small plastic things, basically 5 yrs and up).

This is one game that you will enjoy as much as your kids, and no I'm not joking. It looks pretty simple, and it is just as simple as it looks, but simple has nothing on how much fun it is to play! Basically the idea behind The Touch is that you have a plastic clear dome with the back panel blacked out and a whole where you can stick your hand inside. You collect cards which show you pictures of objects that can be found inside the dome. You must stick your hand inside and try to find the pieces by just "touching" them. The other players can see what your touching and though they can't help you it's a riot to see whats going on as you watch your opponents attempt to find the right pieces.

I honestly thought to myself "This is going to be too easy, there is no way you can make more than a 10 minute game out of this!!" the first time I took The Touch out of the box. Boy was I wrong, not only is it not so easy but its also hillarious to see what people bring out of the dome thinking they have the right piece. There is nothing like mistaking a pie for a UFO or a gorilla for a panda bear. Seeing as your turn is timed the pressure is on to find the right piece which can lead to errors as well! Also don't get the impression that being older will make you better at the game as well. I watched a six year old beat the pants off their mother!!

To add to the fun you can also buy expansions for the game which includes new cards and pieces. I'd really like to get the sea creatures and dinosaurs expansions for my Touch game!

Really the only thing I can say negative about the game is the fact that some of the members of your household may be far better at this game than others and seeing as its really a game of skill it may be hard to catch up to them. Chance won't help you much in the The Touch game. Otherwise its really a well built, fun game, that the whole family will enjoy.

The Touch game is available direction from their website!


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