Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The most portable fort I have ever seen!

My dad always promised to make me a tree fort in the back yard.. every house we lived in.. for years. It never happened but I still think about what I would have done in my fort daily. Well if Fortamajig had been around only about 25 years earlier I might have actually gotten my wish.

Did you ever build forts out of your mom's sheets and every pillow in the house, only to have it cave in as the family dog goes crashing into your fort creation that took you all afternoon to build? Well Fortamajig is basically the ultimate problem to building great and creative forts, teepees, tunnels, really anything you can think up. It actually folds up smaller than even a baby blanket and stores inside its own carrying case, so you can play fort virtually anywhere.

The Fortamajig has velcro on several key places across the flat surface. Depending on where and how you attach the Fortamajig to what you have available ( bed posts, chairs, door handles, mom, really anything you have thats stable and nearby) really is what determines the shape of your Fort. Within moments of our Fortamajig arriving we had our first fort built between three dining tables and the side of Connor's High Chair. Connor had a blast dragging all his trucks under his new fort and talking to all his adoring fans on his play phone. So much so that I actually got the entire kitchen cleaned while he was distracted. Once we were done I just folded it back up and stuck it in the carrying case and hung it in his closet. The best part is that it folds down small enough that it fits nicely in his suitcase or even in the side of his travel bag for short day trips. I'm going to make a point of it to send it to his aunt's house on the days I go to school once the new semester starts at least once a week.

If it gets dirty.. don't even sweat it. Just throw it in the washing machine just like it was a blanket and your good to go. It actually washes much easier than a blanket as its very thin and lightweight so you wont have any issues with it balling up in the wash or worrying about if it will ever dry in the dryer. There are also no wires, no hard pieces, nothing that will break or injure your kid other than possibly the straps tearing if they were used pretty rough. Even at that it would be super simple to sew them back on encase one got yanked loose. Though I did a stress test on them and honestly the only way I can see that happening is with some pretty rough horseplay.

If you'd like to expand your fort making abilities check out the Connectables while your over at the Happy Kid Company website. I'd love to get my hands on a set as I'm fairly positive I could make a rat maze for Connor and Melos in our hallway with them. The Connectables would also be a great addition to a Fortamajig as they would greatly expand the possibilities for buildings!

Both Fortamajig and Connectables are available for purchase directly from the Happy Kid Company!


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