Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flexiable shoes for toddlers on the move!

We recently reviewed Bobux soft soled shoes and we are still loving our Bobux Aliens! The only problem is once Connor outgrows his soft soled shoes or we want to play outside now that he is starting to walk.. what do you do? As far as I'm concerned hard soled shoes are just not an option until Connor is much older or for very special occasions, but most soft soled shoes are just not suitable for serious outdoor wear.

No fear, Bobux has a whole new line of shoes called the I-Walk which is a very flexible but outdoor safe soled shoe. Made in sizes 3-8 with Connor's tiny feet we should be able to stay in I-Walk until Connor enters kindergarten, or at worst case through preschool. (An 8 fits an average sized 3-4 year old.) The soles are made of a thin very flexible rubber which gives the "look" of a traditional stiff soled shoe and unless someone actually saw the shoe flex they would be no wiser. Actually, the entire shoe looks and feels like a "big boy" shoe with one very important difference, the soles are incredibly flexible. I can actually roll the entire shoe into a little shoe sausage with no difficulty.

We are a huge fan of the I-walk sport, though the I-walk Mary Janes makes me wish a little I had someone to wear them! Would it be wrong of me to make Connor wear them? ... Nah I wouldn't do that but they are seriously too cute. That little flower detail on the back is just the perfect extra. Why can't boys shoes be as cool?

If your not totally ready to move on over to a rubber soled shoe, but you want to something for just very light outdoor use the I-Walk Junior is a perfect blend between the Bobux Soft Soled Shoe and the I-Walk flexible soled shoe.

Both I-Walk's and Bobux are available on their website!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoe post - this resolves a Birthday gift dilemma for me - my niece will be over the moon for the I-walk Mary Janes! Great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Angela! Congratulations on your big win!! Lori here from SuperNoots, and I am looking forward to sending out your Starter Pack asap. I hope you and your family will enjoy it to the fullest :)

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