Sunday, May 18, 2008

We are ready for our trips to the Zoo!!

Ive been in the market for a wagon for Connor for some time. We spend a lot of time at the Zoo as its near our house and I am almost jealous of the families that have their little ones set up all nice in little wagons hanging out at the Zoo.

The Cozy Cruisen Wagon by Little Tykes is an incredibly affordable option that offers many if not more of the amenities of some of the more expensive wagons. With a starting price of only $59 its affordable in pretty much any budget.

The high back sides are removable depending on the age of your passengers. I use my wagon currently without the backs installed as Connor isn't quite to the age that he really needs them and it cuts off some of the size in my car if we are taking the wagon to the park. The wagon itself is fairly large and will easily hold two older toddlers without being cramped but it still does fit in the back of my smaller SUV without any problems. There is a storage area under one of the seats as well that may be used for toy storage or even as a mini cooler. It has a plug s of you wanted to fill it with ice and store drinks you can!

Honestly I can't say much negative about the wagon considering the price but I will note the only thing that truely disappointed me about the wagon is it does not feature seat belts for younger riders. Connor is at the age right now that he will occasionally attempt to jump out of the wagon and I have to keep a pretty close watch on him. Otherwise I wish it had a set of rubber tires vs plastic tires but that seems to the the norm with the plastic wagons. It does perform very well in grass but the ride can get a little bumpy on some of the older bumpy roads in our neighborhood.

The Cozy Cruisen Wagon is currently on sale at Little Tykes for $49.99!!! Thats an amazing price! You can also pick it up at Amazon!

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Joy said...

I saw a really cool wagon at W.almart for about $100 and it had a canopy, five-point-harnesses, places to stow your stuff/drinks AND it could be used as an ice cooler for parties. Really cool!

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