Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movie Night : Its been a long time since I cried or laughed this hard!!

OMG.. its been a long time since I actually had to get up halfway through a movie and blow my nose. Then again spending half my life surrounded by boys finding time too watch an romantic comedy can be tricky.

My mom came up this weekend to help me with a yard sale and there was not a dry eye in the room after we watched P.S. I love you.

The start of the movie is a bit slow, it opens with a love scene between the two main characters and quickly changes pace when you fast forward to the main character Molly loosing her husband Gerry to a brain tumor. I had a hard time keeping focus through the first fifteen minutes of the movie as its mostly background information and the agonizing depression that sets in during the aftermath of Molly loosing Gerry, but I promise you if you stick through it you will be rewarded.

The rest of the movie is a whirlwind of an emotional roller coaster from laughing to crying to holding your breath. Gerry, since he knew he was dying, plans out a whole year's worth of letters that arrive to Holly and help her rebuild her life. I can't even imagine what it must be like to loose the love of your life, but then to receive letters with instructions and even an entirely preplanned out vacation from your dead husband.. wow. Though the premise of the movie may be a sad one, the movie will leave you breathless from laughing. My favorite scene in the whole movie is when Holly is having a flashback to a bet Gerry gave her that she wouldn't sing karaoke. Holly gets on stage and starts a knockout performance only to end it by tripping on an electrical cord and landing head first off the stage. There is a bit of the scene in the trailer below. Check it out!

P.S. I love you is available on Amazon!


Qtpies7 said...

My son bought the movie for me for Mother's Day. I cried through the WHOLE THING!!! Oh my goodness, it was so sad and so romantic and so good! But I am not watching it again until I need a good cry.

FawnGeorge said...

I took my mom to see it at the Theater. I loved it, cried some and wished I was there in Ireland. I had some friends go for 6 months last year. They rented a house just like in the movie. It is definately a movie you need to see.

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