Monday, May 19, 2008

My new monster friend!

Wibbly Woo is no stranger to our blog. She was first seen stalking around at Connor's birthday Party.. and ever since has found herself as head guard in Connor's bedtime routine.

Wibbly Woo is in charge of guarding those precious pacifiers and she always seems to have one or two hidden in that big mouth of her's just encase Connor looses his or needs to protect them form marauding pirates!! (You never know when those pesky pirates may attack in the middle of the night you know!!)

Seriously enough if your child, or yourself, is a huge fan of monsters and would love to give a new cuddly monster a home Wibbly Woo is for you! Our Wibbly Woo is of the caribean variety but they hail from all over and come in a great selection of colors and fabrics. I bet if you asked nicely you could even get one made just for you. Wibbly Woo's mouth is a huge pocket and its big enough to fit your favorite treasures and even a small book. Its even a great place to hide things from those little sisters who may otherwise be scared of monsters! (Only if they knew Wibbly Woo doesn't bite!)

Wibbly Woo was created by Abbydid over at Etsy, which is also home to the mysterious and exotic Three Sisters Dolls as well as the brand new arrival Mr Spunkity the monkey which I would really love to have for my own playroom! Abby's creations are unique, handmade, and completely huggable. I would like to note though that the eyes on all of her dolls are hard plastic and those little ones under three (especially of the teething variety) should be supervised when playing with their new friends.

Visit Abbydid over at Etsy to see all of the current selection of handmade plush.

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Superdumb Supervillain said...

absolutely adorable! roo would want the purple one but i like big red...and the sisters are fantastic!

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