Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its mother's day.. so lets talk about things Mom may not be so good at.

What Moms Can't Do
by Douglas Wood

When we I was a kid at least, some of the things my mom did seemed a bit "silly". Now that I'm an adult and a mom myself I have to say I find myself doing all the same things if not more.

What Moms Can't Do is an adorably funny book about the things mom's do that sometimes preschoolers may find funny.

Mom's will love it as it pokes fun of the things that our kids do that may drive you a bit nuts, but you can't help to laugh at.. like a rambunctious toddler jumping on the bed while your trying to make it.

Kids, especially in the 4-7 yr old age group, will love it as they have been trying to tell us all along that popsicles should be including in school lunch boxes.

My favorite line of the entire book :
"Sometimes moms can't hear themselves think (whatever that means)."
Well, maybe I could hear myself think if a little Indian in the back seat isn't in the middle of his thirty minute rendition of a monkey's war cry, aka Connor really likes to hear himself talk.

And you better bet that I can't give hugs without stealing at least five kisses.

What Moms Can't Do is available on Amazon.


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