Sunday, May 11, 2008

I don't remeber Mother Goose being this cute!

by Clare Beaton

Barefoot Books has fast become one of my favorite children's publishers. Their books are unique, some of the most beautifully illustrated that I've seen, and are refreshingly diffrent than what you find from other mainstream publishers.

Though you might not think that Mother Goose is anything unique, this collection of rhymes includes the favorites you may be familuar with and some that I had never heard before. The book also comes with a sing along cd so you can take your favorite rhymes with you!

Beautifully illustrated, every page is a hand made quilt made especially for each rhyme. The pictures are so clear and vibrant you can actually see the texture of the fabric. I kept wanting to reach out and touch the details of the designs.

Mother Goose Remembers opens with the rhyme about Mother Goose's feathers, and every page there after hides one of Mother Goose's feathers. Its fun to hunt down all the feathers to help Mother Goose finish her her pillow and I have to admit its challenging on some of the pictures!

Mother Goose Remembers can be purchased directly from Barefoot Books as well as on Amazon.


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