Saturday, May 10, 2008

I wish .. I wish.. apon a star!!

Its so rare that I am so taken with a designer that I just can't stop thinking about their products, and how I need to have one of everything.

Baby Star has a drool worthy selection of baby bedding, blankets, clothing, towels, and more. The item that really first attracted me to their store was the tag blue baby bedding. Oh.. to be able to turn back time, I would have certainly bought the tag blue set as my nursery bedding. Now that Connor is past using a bumper and getting closer to being out of his crib it seems like a mute point now, but when baby #2 comes around you better bet I am putting that on my wish list.

Other than just the obvious gorgeousness of Baby Star's prints, the quality of the fabric is just as fabulous. All of the products I have been able to see first hand so far have done nothing but fuel my obsession with their products. Vibrant fabrics, high thread counts, and everything being incredibly soft to the touch its hard not to fall in love with Baby Star's modern style. If you are a recovering polka dot junkie like myself, you will find the tag, balloon, and connect the dot fabrics hard to resist.

I received the tag blue diamond blanket to review and Connor has been using it on a daily basis. I loved it so much I ended up buying the (now discontinued so if you want one order it do so ASAP) tag blue diamond throw blanket for him to use once he graduates into a toddler bed. The tag blue binding is strikingly gorgous but really the best part of the blanket is the silky softness of the main diamond patterned fabric. Its incredibly silky and and light enough for those summer nights. I have to admit the tag blue throw blanket will most likely go to bed with me until he outgrows his baby blanket. If your looking for a super soft heavier blanket sutiable for winter or colder cliamtes, I can personally tell you as I sleep with one myself, the poodle blanket is so decidently soft that you will want to steal it for yourself (I did .. lol).

If the droolalicious bedding isn't enough to get you going Baby Star also offers their signature fabrics on a brand new selection of baby clothing. The little dipper clothing line leaves me speechless, and I really would be thrilled to own the entire collection. I just couldn't resist and ended up making an order for Connor.

I could go on all day about Baby Star but I will leave the rest of their products for later. In the meantime head on over to Baby Star and check out the entire product line including their brand new hooded bath towels.

Baby Star products are sold directly through their webpage as well as through a variety of other retailers across the US. You can search for the closest retalier near you.


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