Sunday, May 11, 2008

America at War
by Lee Bennett Hopkins

America at War is a historic collection of wartime poetry selected from each of America's war periods. Starting at the Revolution, America at War, covers all of the major wartime periods of the US through the Iraq War.

Though I would consider this book for an older crowd (at least 8 and up) its a great historical reference and learning tool to help introduce wartime writings to young minds.

For those home schoolers out there I think you could easily tailor an entire lesson plan around America at War as it covers the entire span of American history. America at War would also be a great starting point for parents to talk about our current Iraq War with their children.

The illustrator Stephen Alcorn is a renowned artist and the illustrations in America at War are stunning enough to use it as a coffee table book. They actually remind me a bit of those renaissance era books as though the poems themselves are the centerpiece of the pages, the illustrations wrap around the edges of the text in a manner which does not distract from the poetry, but leaves you lingering on the pages even after your done reading the poems.

America at War is available on Amazon.


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