Friday, May 30, 2008

Connor's big purple chair!

My little baby is growing up to be a little man... *sigh* he finally has his first "big boy" style armchair!

The Lands End Toddler Chair is the perfect chair for toddlers, kids, and even smaller adults as I actually am very comfortable sitting in it though I will admit that I am only 4'11!

Connor LOVES his Lands End Toddler Chair, so much so he gets on and off of it at least 50 or 60 times a day. I catch him dragging his books over to it and he will climb up and then drag the books on top and sit there pretending to read.. We usually keep it in his room but during his TV time I move it into the living room so he can sit in it while he watches. The chair is very light and includes a handle on the back so moving it from room to room is no harder than it was with our bouncy seat.

Though toddlers will have no problem with its size it actually dwarfs Connor, even with him sitting on it and all of his plush friends there is still plenty of room, which is a good thing as he can use it as a reading chair for years to come. The seat cushions do fold out as well for extra lounging space though it would also be a great place for a small visitor to sleep or take a nap as well. I have left it folded out for Connor on several occasions and found him stretched out laying on it.

The Lands End Toddler Chair comes in several color options including a blue denim, the lavender purple that we got, as well as a dark red. I debated and debated over if we should go with lavender or blue and though some of you may argue that lavender is not a boy's color it looks amazing against his blue walls and we can use it in a little brother or sister's room one day as Connor starts to outgrow it. You can even get them monogrammed for only $5 more!!

I know one aspect I was concerned about when dealing with furniture for toddlers is being washable. Diapers leak, sippy cups sometimes leak too, messy snacks, and in Connor's case his friend Melos. Needless to say washable is very important in this household. Lands End Toddler Chair's cover is removable and washable.. though I spot clean when I can its nice to know if we have a major spill we can just throw it in the washing machine and be as good as new.

If you have multiple children or want something with more space when it folds out the Lands End Toddler Sofa is also a great option. Both the chair and sofa fold out to be 41 inches long the sofa is 42 wide vrs 28 wide. That gives you an area 42 x 41 for napping when the chair is folded out. Thats actually not much smaller than a normal toddler bed mattress!

Lands End offers other great options for your kids room as well as great children's clothing as well!


Laura said...

I like to see that connor is still hanging out and friends with his birthday party guests! :)

Mommy Goggles said...

I love this chair!

Angela said...

LOL @ Laura!!

Seriously that chair is one of the best things we've gotten.. its wonderful and Connor gets a ton of use out of it. It will easily last him into his teenage years if it physically lasts that long as he may just wear it out before he outgrows it.

My mom was sitting in it this morning watching TV and Connor got upset and tried to push her out.. then proceeded to dance a jig on it while Sponge Bob was on.. how funny is that?

Stephanie said...

That's a great seat - I love it! I just adore kid-sized furniture.

mogrill said...

This chair is VERY cute! I love it.

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