Friday, May 30, 2008

Book Review : Big Bad Bunny

Big Bad Bunny
by Franny Billingsley

What has long sharp teeth, pointy yellow claws, howls like ten hungry hyenas, and can go anywhere? Big Bad Bunny of course.

Big Bad Bunny is on the loose and Mama Mouse cannot find her precious Baby Boo-Boo anywhere!!!

The perfect snuggle time book, Big Bad Bunny left us on the edges of our seat as the awful Big Bad Bunny keeps getting closer and closer but Baby Boo-Boo is missing!!

Perfect for all those little ones out there that love to pretend they are monsters, lions, or whatever thing with big teeth and big claws you can dream up! Its also a great reminder that as much as sometimes we don't like to admit it as we are all grown up... *cough* we still really need our mamas.. even me.

Big Bad Bunny is available on Amazon!


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