Monday, May 26, 2008

C is for Camel or is it for Connor?

On my journey to attempt to raise an environmentally aware toddler we came across these great Tees from BioMe5. They feature the letters of the alphabet with a corresponding animal.. From Camels to Walruses you can buy a tee shirt to match your child's name or just his or her favorite animal.

Some of you may be under the impression that organic cotton tee shirts are drab or colorless... oh my.. how wrong you are. BioMe5's tee shirt collection is made of organic cotton and each tee shirt is dyed in low impact natural dyes. The orange on Connor's camel shirt is BRIGHT and there is nothing at all drab or boring about it. Its tagless and preshrunk so no need to worry about those awful itchy tags toddlers hate so much either!

You might notice something is a bit off about the lettering on the shirts... the title under each of the animals is upside down.. why? Well thats simple when your child looks down to read what sort of animal is on their shirt they will be able to read it right side up! Its a little lesson in reading for them and it makes the parents do a double take!

tee shirts are available directly on their website. Please check out the limited edition Polar Bear shirt, 20% of all the proceeds made from that shirt go directly to the Detroit Zoological Society. Long sleeved tees are also 50% off right now which is great as it may be the middle of summer but fall will get here faster than you might like to admit!


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