Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trying to leave a smaller footprint

Gorgeously Green
by Sophie Uliano

I've always tried to be mindful of the affect my life has on the planet. Hm.. No let me rephrase that.. I have thought but not always taken action on the things that I should be doing to help the planet. It happens off and on and for the most part I'd say I am a fairly eco-responsible person but I know I have many many MANY ways I could improve. From very shortly after I became pregnant with Connor its been a much bigger glaring issue as I am fully aware that every paper towel I use mindlessly or can I do not recycle has consequences that may just affect him directly and drastically. Not to be incredibly doom and gloom or get onto my soapbox but its really just a matter of time before our irresponsible actions come back and bite us on the butt big time.

Really my big holdup has been just coming up with ways as its not always glaringly evident exactly what is the best way to go about changing your life to be more green. There are obvious ones like recycling and using less, but you may not think about organic cottons, bamboo fibers, and even organic cosmetics?! Who even knew organic cosmetics exist? I got plenty of slack growing up even from my own parents about my compost pile in the back yard, which was very short lived as there are only so many hippy comments a teenager can take before you crack. You know what your more than welcome to call me a hippy these days, or strange, or weird... I can take it especially if it means my son may not have to suffer later for the soda I admit I am addicted to today.

I recently read Gorgeously Green, and seriously it was a life changing experience. Who ever said that being "eco friendly" meant being a hippy was SERIOUSLY mistaken. Gorgeously Green not only is chalked full of amazing ideas to help you lead a greener lifestyle (including where to buy said things and how to go about it!) but how to do it in a way that will not sacrifice your style. With all the amazingly gorgeous organic products out there these days there is no need to trade eco-conscious with ugly or dull.

Even one of my favorite organic tshirt designers is featured in the book! (Nina and Tom.. I LOVE them..) which is how I found out about the book in the first place!

Seriously though, enough ranting and raving aside.. if everyone at least tried six small changes that Gorgeously Green suggested you would see a drastic improvement in your life and even your pocket book. One of the simplest, easiest, and money saving changes you can make without really changing anything at all with the way you live is to replace every blown out traditional style light bulb in your house with a cost effective, energy saving, compact fluorescent light bulb which you can pick up practically anywhere these days. They cost a bit more to buy but they will save you tons of money yearly and you replace them far less often. (On average every few years vs every few months that alone will make up for any additional cost not to mention the smaller power bills!).

Gorgeously Green is a worth wild read, if I can't convince you just think about this.. every action you take will affect your children, grandchildren, or great great great grand children's life.. Seriously. Think about it just a moment.

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