Monday, May 12, 2008

Boogie Down!!

The Animal Boogie
By Debbie Harter

Connor is so cute these days.. he may not be able to walk on his own yet but don't let that fool you that little man can boogie down with the best of them. He is really getting interested in new sounds, rhythms and of course songs. I caught him dancing in his car seat on several occasions on the way home from Florida today. Talk about adorable.

The Animal Boogie combines some of Connor's favorite things into one fun book. The bright colors alone keep him interested enough to spend time looking at the book with or without me, he is getting to the point now where he will flip pages and point at objects on the page and "read" to me, mind you I have no clue what he is saying but he seems pretty serious about his stories. He especially loves to point to the elephants, which leaves me wondering if he remembers seeing real ones on our many trips to the local zoo. If I could only decipher Connor talk, we'd be in business.

The first time I read The Animal Boogie through I found it a big awkward mostly because its actually a song and I found myself struggling to read as I felt I should be singing it or at least reading it in rhythms. Though the musical notes are laid out in the back of the book, I don't care how many piano lessons I had as a kid or how long I was in band, I am still quite clueless when it comes to notes. Don't worry for those of you that are as musically challenged as I am Barefoot Books includes an awesome sing along cd with the book, but just to save yourself some trouble I recommend you listen to it first then read the book, you will find yourself enjoying it SOO much more.

We take the CD along with us on short car trips and Connor tries to sing along and I can always seem him bopping along to the music in my rear view mirror. The best part though is when I catch him bouncing to the beat when I read it to him before our afternoon naps. Nothing and I do mean nothing is cuter than babies in just a diaper dancing around with their fat little rolls hanging out.

Though The Animal Boogie may be a bit too stimulating for a good bedtime read especially if your child wants to dance along like mine does, it makes a great afternoon book or a good one to get the day started. The sing along CD is a great addition to your car collection as well as a good song to get the day started.

Barefoot Books
actually has a great selection of book titles that include sing along cds as well as having some of the most vibrantly illustrated children's books you can find.

The Animal Boogie is available at Barefoot Books as well as on Amazon!


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