Monday, May 12, 2008

Bounce Bounce Bounce...

I honestly can't think of another product that can take you from pre-pregnancy, to the delivery room, to the nursery, to fussy teething babies, and then to getting you back in shape...

The Bounce-a-bye baby by Luna Lullaby is really a super mutlitasker when it comes to baby products. Though it does resemble an exercise ball (and yes it can be used as one) it comes with an ingenious base that turns this big ball into an all in one pregnancy and baby support center.

Perfect to be used for exercise, that base makes it usable and safe for even those of us who's tummies got as large as whales during pregnancy. I would have loved to have had an exercise ball when I was pregnant with Connor as most exercises became a ridiculous display somewhere after my first trimester. I had considered buying an exercise ball as I had one a few years before and loved it, but the fear of it rolling out from under my huge whale of a stomach seemed like too much of a risk. That great base the Bounce-a-bye comes with solves that problem.

The Bounce-a-bye also functions as a great labor tool, many birthing centers feature birthing balls and you can bring that luxury home. Let me tell you sitting on a birthing ball is heaven when you are having braxton hicks contractions or even just uncomfortable from the weight of the baby pushing on your pelvis. I worked in the ER up till about a month before I gave birth to Connor and on a rare night when the nurses felt sorry for me they would go hijack a birthing ball for me and I would just sit and bounce on it at my desk. Something the squishy nature and having to sit with your legs farther apart takes a lot of the pressure off (at least for me) especially if your carrying low.

Once the baby is home the Bounce-a-bye really earns its weight in gold. If you have an especially colicky baby who is only happy when being "bounced" you will find that you tire out pretty fast. Bounce-a-bye was designed so that you can sit and calm your baby and even breastfeed and bounce at the same time. For nurseries with limited space the ball takes up a lot less space than a rocker and is a fraction of the price so many of you might find it as an economical alternative as well. The cute designs don't hurt either.
Honestly my favorite aspect of the ball is once your past the infant stage if your anything like me your still no where near your pre-pregnancy weight. The Bounce-a-bye is a great exercise ball and you won't have to hide it in the closet every time company comes over. We have the puppy ball and it looks right at home in Connor's room and I can get a few exercises in while he plays. Visitors just assume its a toy and no one is any wiser.

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The Bounce-a-bye is available on Luna Lullaby's web page as well as on Amazon!


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