Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you a Rookie Mom?!

Being a Rookie Mom can be downright terrifying especially if you were not surrounded by friends with kids, its much like your being thrown into this underground secret society! One of my greatest fears as a new mom was honestly what to do with the baby once it was here. Shopping I can do, buying great products no problem, but what happens when your all alone with no one around and you have to find a way to entertain a crabby teething toddler and you have no real past baby entertaining experience?!


Don't worry its not nearly as hard as it seems, and I honestly make it up as I go daily.. but a little push in the right direction can't hurt either.

I think what gets most new moms, especially those of us who went from working full time to stay at home mommyhood is the fact that once your home from the hospital and settled and everyone goes back home and back to work there is a astounding feeling of just being "alone", sure you are there with your baby and I don't think any mom does not get butterfly of pure joy when they look into their babies eyes, but eight hours every day of throw up, spit up, pooping, peeing, and lack of showers can get anyone down. The worst part really is the fact that if your a new mom especially sometimes it feels as if your just stuck there at home and going outside or doing something fun is just out of the question. It's not.. I promise.. and Rookie Moms Handbook will give you 250 ways to enjoy yourself and your baby that does not include drowning your day with soap operas!

The Rookie Moms Handbook is organized by month and I guarantee even seasoned parents will find a few tips for each month that are helpful. I know even once you get in the swing of things and start really getting out of the house again and finding things to do that does not involve a diaper or a burp cloth its easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over as its "safe". I personally really enjoy the idea of taking the baby to a fabric store, honestly I love fabric and craft stores and I never thought of it.. I took Connor to one recently and he had a field day touching all the great textures of the fabrics and faux fur, by the way, invokes a sense of awe in a one year old. You may get a few dirty looks from the staff but who cares!! Believe me just getting out and entertaining the baby at the same time especially if they are incredibly crabby and teething as mine has been lately is a gift all in itself.

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Stephanie said...

I just read this book! It's fantastic and I'm going to buy a copy for my sister-in-law this afternoon. I sure hope the bookstore has it in stock...

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