Saturday, April 12, 2008

These "blankies" are in a whole new level of luxury!

Its no secret that I am obsessed with baby blankets. I still think its incredibly unfair that babies and toddlers have a great selection of amazingly wonderful blankets to choose from and adults are left out! *I'm getting off my soapbox now*

MyUbby brings the baby blanket world into a whole new level of luxury. We ordered ours with blue shaggy on one side, and brown dotty on the other with the chocolate plum border. Its so soft that I actually find myself wanting to steal it and snuggle with it myself. My only regret is that we went with the brown dotty on the back instead of the lavender dotty that I actually wanted, Connor's room is done in blue with some lavender thrown in here and there which my dad likes to remind me is somewhat "girlie" but honestly they look really good together! The brown is pretty too though don't get me wrong.. I'm just having a bit of guilt. To top off the blanket he has his initials embroidered in the corner of the blanket, forever marking that this Ubby is his (blanket thief's beware!)!

The MyUbby is not just for babies.. generously sized at 35x45 it is more than big enough to follow your child from birth well until childhood and even farther. I use Connor's Ubby as throw blanket for at the computer when I'm writing. It's actually a bit cold right now and I'm quite toasty under the Ubby!

Its alot of fun to use the blanket builder, no matter what your style or taste your bound to find a combination that would be perfect for your little munchkin!

If your not looking to personalize your blanket check out the prebuilt Ubby section as there are some great blankets available at quite the discount. We really love that purple and white blanket thats available right now! Its a good deal as all the prebuilt Ubby's come with a 15% discount.

With that all said.. I guess I should go give Connor back his "blankie" instead of hogging it. I did try to get a picture of him with the Ubby earlier today but he thought it would be more fun to take himself and his Ubby back in his bedroom so the only shots I got was of his feet crawling away. Dang that mobility.


Superdumb Supervillain said...

These look great.

Funny about the lavender... Jasper is wearing a lavender and olive striped shirt today and I keep wondering if it's too "girly" but it's very cute. I had a leopard fur cover on his baby carrier and people always thought it was feminine. Oh, well.

Sassyfrazz said...

I love my Ubby, too...actually it is my daughter's blanket, but I love it! I agree, I would love to have one in my size. I have a fuzzy, fuzzy. I wish I would have got a fuzzy swirley...or something different. I had wanted it personalized, too..but oh, well.

I love the blanket, and I love the company!! Great blankets! I loved the bag it came in and the paragraph on the bag!

Have a great night!

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