Sunday, April 13, 2008

OOO. You seriously cannot have just one!

I love slings, but for me to say I would like one of EVERY sling a vendor is selling is downright absurd.. but in this case I really would like to have one of each. I must have spent an hour trying to decide which one I had to have... and the choice was hard.

Polkadot Papoose sells the most scrumptious slings I have seen, they are so downright yummy I guarantee you will have the same problems as I did when it comes to picking out which one you want. All of her slings are made from very high quality cotton fabric, are fully reversible, and each side is just as pretty as the last. I ended up going with the Melanie sling I'm showing here but I really was torn between Melanie, Elizabeth, Cosette, and Sayuri. Melanie won out as I had a cousin named Melanie who passed away a few years ago, so not only was the design gorgeous but I just happend to love the name as well.

Baby wearing makes you the odd man out in Alabama, but the first day out in my new Polkadot Papoose sling I ended up getting a lot less weird looks and a lot more people coming up to me asking me about my sling, and even wanting to touch it. Normally I get some strange looks, hippy comments, and the occasional "OMG I have one of those but I never wear it in public" remarks. The reversible aspect is super nice as I can just flip it over if I get tired of the flowers and vice versa. Connor likes to use the little pouch on the side to hide the pacifiers from me that I am always attempting to steal from him.

I am so tempted to ask for the Elizabeth sling for mother's day. Yum.

You must go over and see all the slings at Polkadot Papoose for yourself. If your looking for your first sling or a "dressy" sling, its a must see!


Anonymous said...

oooh what beautiful slings! I just got a new sling and now I am tempted to try one of these too!

carlyn said...

i just moved to AL. why is babywearing weird to people here?? i don't get it. i just makes since to me. i can't go anywhere without getting lots of questions and stares. oh, there is a baby in there!! is she going to fall out?? she likes that??

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