Friday, April 11, 2008

A new adventure in baby wearing - Mei Tais!

I was late in the game for a baby wearer and I highly regret not jumping on the band wagon earlier, but honestly carriers look scary and as much as I adore my wraps there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to getting them adjusted just right. Not that I am nit picking wraps at all, oh no, but when it comes to wearing a baby on your back especially for long periods of time there is nothing that can beat a Mei Tai!!! (at least that I have found so far.. feel free to prove me wrong)

As Connor has gotten older and much squirmier wearing him on my front is just not comfortable anymore, seeing as I am 4'10 and though he is tiny as well his length is already longer than my torso so when I have him up front its like walking around with another whole person constantly in your way and its impossible for me to get anything done now. I miss being able to snuggle him and have him wrapped to my chest, but such is the life of a growing soon to be toddler. Though we still use our other carriers very regularly I realized a month or two ago that it was time to start researching a mei tai for our long walks, shopping, and routine chores. Ive been drooling over BabyHawk Mei Tais since before Connor was born and honestly I wish I would have just ponied up and bought one from the beginning. Mei Tai are SOO much easier to tie than a traditional wrap and though the options on wrap methods may be a little more limited, if your in a hurry and your child is attempting to climb up your back and/or bounce his way to freedom much like Connor does, the last thing you want to worry about in the parking lot of Target is trying to remember the wrap method you want to use, or trying to adjust all that fabric.

Though I don't know If I will ever been comfortable enough to put Connor on my back by myself, my carrier illiterate mom can easily help me get Connor on my back and tied in with our BabyHawk in under thirty seconds. Not to mention with the padded shoulders and padded neck rest the BabyHawk Mei Tai is SUPER comfortable even on long trips and Connor can easily fall asleep in the carrier without looking horribly uncomfortable or slumping over on my back. I think what has been holding me back for so long in using a Mei Tai is in the pictures they look so stiff and bulky, I am so happy to report that is just not the case, though the Baby Hawk Mei Tai has a bit more padding and substance than some of the other Mei Tais I have for review I do not feel overwhelmed even with my small stature by the BabyHawk Mei Tai's shape at all, nor do I find them at all stiff, if anything its by far the most secure carrier I have used to date (that includes those structured carriers as I always had the worst time adjusting!) .

If your looking for a carrier that will comfortably take you from newborn to toddlerville the BabyHawk is an excellent choice. Its also one size fits all so if you have more than one wearer in the household it can go from Mom to Grandma to Daddy without a blink. Its also by far the most customizable of all the carriers that I have seen to date on the market with a huge choices of patterns, strap colors, and even the option of sending in your own fabric so you can truely get exactly what your looking for!

If you'd like to try out a BabyHawk go visit their online store, as well its always fun to play with their design center and pick and choose diffrent fabrics to find something thats is uniquely you!


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