Saturday, April 5, 2008

Book Review : Rock-a-Bye Farm

Rock-a-Bye Farm
by Diane Johnston Hamm

You rock the baby to sleep.. but the cow? At Rock-a-Bye Farm there is one dedicated farmer when it comes to getting everyone in bed!

A rhyming account of one farmer's quest to rock everyone from his baby to his cow to sleep, Rock-a-Bye Farm, is the perfect bedtime board book for infants to new readers.

My little friend Alexis (age 5) spent the night with me this weekend and we attempted to read every book I currently had in past and present reviews and she had a fairly easy time reading it herself, as well as pointing out each animal and telling me what sounds they make. Even for the younger ones that are talking, its great fun to add in each sound as you read the story. I think it might even be more fun to see if your little one can come up with a "sleeping" sound for each animal as well. (What would a snoring sheep sound like?)

If you'd like you own copy, head on over to Amazon and pre-order it now! Rock-a-Bye Farm should start hitting the shelves of your local bookstore as well as shipping from Amazon on May 6th!


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