Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who said babies can't play ball?

Connor's toy preferences are becoming more obvious on a daily basis. At Christmas he had more presents under the tree than I have ever seen in one place in my life (thanks to his grandparents!), boxes of every shape and size and I'm sure they spent more than they should have. The funny part is of all the great gifts he got, his favorite toy was this plain and simple big green ball. He even loved it enough that he didn't even give a second look to the new big truck we got him, and paid a fortune for.... hrmf.

If I had only gotten him a Toss the Taggies instead I'm positive it would have even been pointless to finish opening the presents. The combination of the ball, colors, and tags would have sent poor Connor into overdrive. (I will note he does love his truck now, thank goodness, but the ball is still ranked high on the favorite toys list as well.)

Toss the Taggies is one of those few toys thats appealing to almost any age group. Perfectly fine for a newborn as they will love exploring the colors and Taggies, as well as the crawlers who will have a blast chasing it around the house, and even the toddlers who are just learning to or have already mastered the art of playing catch! Every age group will appreciate the Taggies especially those little ones who are already in love with their Taggies blankets, consider this just a new way to play with and transport those precious Taggies.

You can get your own Toss the Taggies at the Taggies Shop and on Amazon or where any Taggies product is sold. Also check out the new Toss the Taggies Colors that is due to come out soon!

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Pauline said...

I love Buttercup's taggies more than she does, I think. But it really is a smart toy line. We've got the lil' blankie and the animal friends stacking rings that I reviewed in my Five Fabulous Finds column on
(And I am trying to resist buying this ball since I know my baby won't know the difference!)

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