Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Bash - Barebabies is a mother's dream come true!

Barebabies believes it's never to early to pamper. WIth an array of products from the "hottest" names in the juvenile goods industry, Barebabies pampers moms and babies everywhere!

One stop shopping is offered from everything from gear including strollers, high chairs, bouncers and walkers, car seats, carriers, and even bikes, trikes and vehicles. Shop for furniture and bedding and any and every baby essential including breastfeeding needs, bottles, toys, diapers and diaper bags and more!

I've been drooling over their store for months, but when I came across their trike selection I seriously did a major happy dance. I have had almost a life long obsession with Kettler children's products and I have always known when I had kids the first major purchase I had to get for them would be a Kettler Trike. The bright colors, solid build, and great line of accessories has always left me wanting one for myself, but sadly I think I outgrew them about 25 years ago.

Connor finally received his Kettler Air Navigator from Barebabies only a few weeks before his party. I was actually a little hesitant to open the box at first. I've been waiting so long to get this trike that I was a bit worried it might not live up to all the expectations Ive been putting on it all this time. After only a few minutes of assembly I knew right away that it was everything I had hoped for and more!

The Kettler Air Navigator is incredibly well made and fully adjustable from a one year old to a five year old. Connor is still just a bit too young to ride it on his own, but with the help of an add on seatbelt and the push bar, we can ride all over the yard and road and he thinks he is doing it all himself!

Well to make a long story short, I ended up deciding on an Kettler Air Navigator. The super big wheels is perfect for our super bumpy driveway, and it comes complete with a push handle so you can push when your little one gives out (or can't reach yet!). It took me only a few minutes to put it together, which was really surprising as I was sure it would come in a zillion pieces! Once it was all together I sat back and admired my new Trike (ok Connor's new trike!) and you know what.. its worth it.. and a zillion times more. Even our super bumpy driveway and road is no match for the Kettler Air Navigator's large wheels, unless hard plastic wheels the addition of the super large

Since we have pushed it around the yard and up and down the driveway, I am still waiting to get our seatbelt attachment so I can take Connor out on the road without fear of him falling, but I can 100% happily say that my "special" trike lives up to all of the hype! Super solid in construction, I am sure this Trike will outlive me unless I have a herd of boys to abuse it, and the many accessories that are available, including a seatbelt, bell, and front basket gives you a bit more flexibility than other trikes. Though honestly my favorite feature is the tandem ability. If you end up having two children in the right age range for the Kettler you can easily buy an tandem addition which easily expands your Kettler Trike into a two seater (or even a three seater with two tandem additions!!)

Barebabies offers a large range of Kettler Products in their online store.

Barebabies actually sells most all the products I reviewed this week including the Wheely Bug, Mutsy Spider Strollers (still on sale just a few more days!!), the Loft Rocker, the Natural Mat, and those great Kushies toys!!

Seeing as Connor's dad just got his acceptance into the police academy this week (still just pending one last doctors visit), I need to start saving my money to get Connor the Instep Police Petal Car, how cool would that be?

Shipping is free on orders over $99 at Barebabies!

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Kristin said...

Love Kai's Kettler trike! She of course has the pink one it's really aweosme! All around great reviews!

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