Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Bash - Wheely Bug

Connor got a lot of great gifts over his birthday, and though we disagree on which one is the best one, he has picked his best toy for the year hands down.

The Wheely Bug by Prince Lionheart is so far the best ride on toy we have yet to try. Connor's first reaction was a bit on the "this looks cool but what do I do with it?" side of the spectrum, but that didn't last long.

The Wheely Bug has become his favorite past time, though he has not quite mastered his Wheely Bug riding skills, he drags it around the house, leans on it and pushes himself, and of course begs for anyone that walks past to push him around on it. You'd think he was on a roller coaster with all the screaming going on.

As for the toy itself, we have several other ride ons, and though I think ride ons are one of the funnest toys for children in the 1-3 age group my biggest complaint has always been, up till now, that they just don't have any sort of steering function. I always end up rescuing Connor from every corner, turn, and piece of furniture in the house as though he is good at going forward and even backwards if he gets stuck there is really no way for him to turn a ride on around unless he physically gets off the ride on and drags it over (which in most cases he will not do.. he just screams).

The Wheely Bug however not only goes forward and backwards but in any direction you can imagine, set on four casters it can turn in any direction. The only downfall to that is it adds to a bit of trickiness for a new rider to master, but once they can maneuver around anything in their way and not even think about having to alert mom for help (aka scream at the top of your lungs).
Children will enjoy the bright colors, patterns, and soft texture of the Wheely Bug but parents should really enjoy how incredibly well made these toy are!! Its seems of late all you hear about is horribly made toys that either break or contain something awful in them. You won't find anything about the Wheely Bug cheaply made. Designed for industrial use ( aka daycare centers or lots of traffic ) The Wheely Bug sits on top of a solid wood base and has four very heavy duty casters. The top half of the Wheely Bug is made of dense foam core with a synthetic leather cover. If a diaper leaks or a sippy cup disaster happens don't worry it will just wipe clean.

Wheely Bugs are best when used on sooth surfaces. We have tried it on carpet and though it does still work on carpet its pretty hard to push, though on our hardwood and tile surfaces its hard to beat. Wheely Bugs are not great outdoor toys as over time the casters will start to break down on bumpy surfaces. Though you can get replacements, I choose to use those plastic ride ons outside and the Wheely Bug inside. (Its far to nice to mess up outside anyways!!)

Wheely Bug comes in two sizes, a small size for 1.5 + year olds and a larger size for 3+ year olds. We have tried both sizes out and they are both great, however, I do recommend even if you have a smaller child to go test out both sizes in person if possible!

All in all even though its a bit pricey in comparison to other ride ons, I think its well worth its investment, and the Wheely Bug is certainly made well enough to be passed down to the next generation or shared across several children.

The Wheely Bug is available on Amazon!

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Milk Mama said...

Those are so cute! I'm glad he got a wheely bug. They are classic!

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