Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Bash - The last party game of the birthday bash!! Robeez Tredz

Connor's birthday has come and gone faster than I would ever had imagined. Ive been working so hard on this blog party and his real party it seems like I blinked and it was over. Though he isn't quite walking on his own yet I suspect we will be taking those first independent steps here fairly soon and with summer here in the south we will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Up till now he has worn his classic Robeez almost every day around the house and out and about, but now that we are faced with playing at the park and in the grass its time to graduate into something a bit more outdoor friendly.

No fear about loosing our beloved Robeez! Robeez Tredz offer all the same great features in the classic Robeez but with outdoor friendly soles. If you want to see our full review you can see our past review of Robeez Tredz and the classic Robeez HERE.

Robeez has offered to give away two pairs of their awesome Robeez Tredz to two winners. One Boy and One Girl! You can choose your own size, style, and color!

The party yesterday went great, and last second I decided I was going to make balloon animals for our party guests. Though I think I was pretty successful, some of the kids were less than impressed and wanted to know exactly what sort of animal these balloons were supposed to be. hrmf..

Make me feel better and go ahead and guess the correct animals these guys were supposed to be!! The winners will be picked randomly from those that guess correctly or those that get the most right answers!

To enter :

  1. Make sure you've read the rules and signed up for Connor's First Birthday Bash! Sign Mr Linky and make an intro post on your blog if your a blogger or if your not just visit five blogs on Mr Linky and sign the comments on the main post.
  2. Now here's the fun part! Party! Instead of leaving a comment to enter this time email your answers to with the title "Robeez Tredz". Please make sure you mention in your email if you want to win the boy or girl Robeez. This Contest Ends May 4th.

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