Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rock out the playground with Sweet Shoes

Every little rocker needs one good pair of kicks. If your tired of the classic baby shoe look and want something a bit more unique Sweet Shoes may just be the ticket.

If you have ever tried to look for something unique in the land of baby boy shoes you will find the possibilities much more limited than in girl shoes. Though the tides may be changing, certainly its improved since I was baby shopping for my friend's children 8-9 years ago, but its still hard to find something really unique, especially in boys, and not the traditional baby shoe. Mandi, the founder of Sweet Shoes, a mom herself, experienced this as well and decided to take matters into her own hands! Her shoes are inspired by the surf and skate culture of Santa Cruz and we are in love!

The soles on Sweet Shoes are actually really flexible.. not quite a soft bottom shoe but much more flexible than most "flex" soles I've seen they are really a great middle ground so they are usable both indoors and out without sacrificing the flex thats soo important to little feet's proper development. Lightly padded they also offer some protection from all those things little feet might stomp on outside as well. The best part is if they do get dirty stomping around outside you can just throw them in the washing machine and start all over again! (We did try it and they came out looking just as good as they did going in!)

Though I will say if I did have a little girl, Id buy her a pair of the Sweet Janes!

Want some?

Sweet Shoes
are available to order off their web page! At $26 to $30 a pair you can afford to go crazy!


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