Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sleepy Wrap as comfy as your favorite tshirt!

I'm not sure how you guys feel about wearing your carriers all day.. but this one may just change your mind if your on the fence about baby wearing.

Though I find pouch slings easy to just throw on there is no denying that the Sleepy Wrap is by far the most comfortable and secure carrier we have tested to date. So comfortable in fact that I don't mind wearing it all day even when Connor is not in it! The fabric reminds me of a favorite t shirt, soft, stretchy, and I do not find it hot even in warm weather.

The thing I've always found tricky for me in baby wearing is I am VERY short with an overly large chest area... so some carriers just do not fit me as well as they should so I always have to find creative ways to compensate. With a wrap thats not an issue as I can tighten it as tight or as loose as I need to just with an extra wrap around my waist. The stretchiness of this wrap makes that extra wrapping no sweat as regardless of how many times I have to tighten it or loosen it, the wrap itself always stays comfortable for me and Connor.

We are still really new to wraps but we had no problems figuring out the front hold positions and I love the fact that I can tuck Connor's head inside even while he is sitting upright if he falls asleep not to mention basically being able to cover him completely if its cold .. who needs a jacket when you have a wrap? Even at 10 months he is still VERY comfortable facing in or out in a front wrap. Though we are still working on the back wrap with some help I can get him in one fairly easily and I LOVE wearing Connor on my back. Talk about being able to get some stuff done without having the munchkin crawling after you at high speeds. I highly recommend it on those cranky days too!

Sleepy Wrap comes in an assortment of solid colors I personally LOVE the light blue and green!

Want one?

Go on over to Sleepy Wrap and get one for yourself!


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