Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby Signing Time, can it lead to early reading skills?

I've been working really hard on baby sign language with Connor, and though he has not used his first sign yet, he LOVES these DVDs.

Baby Signing Time is soo much fun. We love watching Rachael's endless energy on the screen as she goes over simple signs for babies in a way thats fun and not at all dull like I've seen in some other types of baby language systems. (I only wish I felt as energetic as she is in the mornings when we watch these!!) Rachael is a genius as instead of just hammering down the same set of signs over and over they just become a natural part of the show, and though they are repeated several times it doesn't feel as if she is force feeding you the content, it just happens naturally.

Baby Signing Time has gotten some major press lately through a 17 month old girl in Texas who is reading (and signing) as well as any first grader I've ever seen. I actually saw her on our local news a few days ago and they mentioned briefly something about a signing video. I knew right away which one they were talking about!! :) Though Baby Signing Time does not directly teach reading it does teach a child a way to express language earlier than normally possible which many people believe, myself included, that signing can foster other language skills at an earlier age including speech and reading. My personal belief is that signing is a way for a child to physically express a word, the same way written language gives a "symbol" for a word, which in turn makes babies ability to make the jump from spoken words, or even signed words, to written words just so much easier. If your curious to see a clip of Elizabeth reading check it out below.

Along with Baby Signing Time's educational benefits, its fun to watch and interact with. Baby Signing Time mixes animated characters along with real children and adults which makes for a colorful and never boring video experience. For days at a time the "Potty Dance" song is stuck in my head, for better or worst. Every time we watch this clip Connor and I dance and sing along. Feel free to check it out below, but I take no responsibility for it getting stuck in your head too!

Baby Signing Time is available directly from their webpage as well as on Amazon.


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