Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wish my toliet looked half as good as this one.

We are not quite ready to do some potty training but when we do Connor will be pottying in style with this great looking, and super functional with the Potty Bench from Boon.

Actually I'll be honest with you, Ive found more uses for this potty chair that at this point I'll be a little sad when we do have to leave it in the bathroom!

I know I've mentioned this before but I'm 4'10 and this bench comes in handy when I'm attempting to get things out of the top of Connor's closet. Believe me I could stand to loose some weight after my pregnancy and my first reaction to using the bench as a step stool was a little bleak. I am happy to report that the Potty Bench does not even blink at holding my big butt when I use it as my portable step stool. It makes me laugh when a family member comes over and says "oh I love your step stool its soo pretty where did you get it?" HA! They are always a little taken back when I tell them its actually Connor's potty.

Connor on the other hand thinks its a great play thing, he uses the Potty Bench as his own personal baby gym. He pulls himself up on it, sits on it, and even crawls on top and over it. At some point he was pushing it across the carpet while he laid his upper body on it which was quite humorous.

Enough about its "other" features. As a Potty Chair itself its not only beautiful but very functional. Without the seat lifted up it looks like a modern step stool so you don't have to worry about your house guests gaulking at your baby potty. The removable drawer makes clean up a snap, and the little wee wee shield just pushes down so you do not need to remove it to get the drawer out. For the little ones with bad aim the seat is angled in a bit so "accidents" still make it into the drawer verses on the floor which is great. I hate cleaning potties as it is.. no need to make it any harder. Both of the sides roll down to give you access to potty training tools (like your favorite potty training toy or book) as well as its own toilet paper storage, which for those of you that want to potty train in a room other than the bathroom thats a huge plus.

The only downfall to the Bench I can see is that the roll down sides are sometimes a little tricky to get up and down, though once you get used to them it's really easy. I had to play with them a bit the first few times I tried it though.

Otherwise the only other thing I can even remotely think of that could be an issue is this bench is very wide compared to a normal toddler potty chair, though it makes it super stable it may be an issue to those of you that are expecting a smaller chair. This width benefits you later as it makes the bench a much safer alternative as a step stool for brushing teeth or even using the real potty.

The Boon Potty Bench is available at Boon's online store, as well as on Amazon. You can also use the store locater to find a store near you that carries them!


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