Monday, February 4, 2008

Organization Review : Get Buttoned Up

Get Buttoned Up
offers some great options to keep your life a little more organized. Including a Life Organizer, Valuables Organizer, Collision Kit, & more.

Personally I was super excited about the Valuables.doc, an organizer that keeps track of all of your belongings (at least the expensive ones) by each room in your house. I have had experiences with insurance companies before (during a move) replacing stolen or damaged belongings and lets just say the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Needless to say if something was to happen to our stuff (please.. no.. please) we would at least have a record of our "good stuff" to show the insurance companies. Ive always wanted to do something like this on my own and always get discouraged as I never have any clue where to start. Well the great thing is the binder walks you through it room by room so I just sat in the middle of each room and went down the page. Along with having a record there are places to store your photos of each item (I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this after my past dealings with insurance companies), as well as receipts. If your storing store receipts a personal tip of my own is make two copies on a regular copier. Store receipts fade dramatically over a short period of time and you might find yourself with a blank receipt when you needed it, unlike copied receipts that hold their ink much much longer.

Life.doc is similar to Valuables.doc other than the fact that instead of making lists of your belongings you make lists of all your important information from bank accounts to babysitters. Though I would strongly recommend keeping it in a safe place its a great resource in case something was to happen to you and your loved ones needed your records (including your insurance information!) I haven't quite finished filling mine out yet but when I do I am giving it to my parents for safe keeping in case something happened to me they would know where to start. Unlike Valuables.doc, Life.doc comes with a full cd that allows you to type and print your pages which is amazing as my handwriting is TERRIBLE.

Want one? The Life.doc & Valuables.doc is available at Get Buttoned Up as well as on Amazon.


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