Friday, February 1, 2008

Health Review : Summer Gentle Vibrations Massager & Toothbrush

Connor just received his first very own (battery powered even!) toothbrush!

Mind you, he has no teeth! Regardless this toothbrush is just what he needed. Connor is 9 months old now and there has not even been a slight sighting of any teeth but we have been teething for almost three months. (Connor's teeth... I know your in there.. come out with your whites showing!)

The Gentle Vibrations toothbrush is not just any infant toothbrush. It comes with an infant sized toothbrush head as well as a raised nubby head that is GREAT for that teething baby! Connor loves his though there isn't really anything to brush I brush his gums every night with the soft tipped head, look for his missing teeth with the mirror that is on the other side of the toothbrush, and hope to see something! After we are done I switch the heads to the massaging head and Connor finishes the job himself. I think thats great practice for one day when he actually will brush his own teeth.

Though not rechargeable the battery is super easy to access and we have yet to go through our first battery even with our long massage session each night. Seeing as the toothbrush with both heads only costs $10 its quite a deal as even one of those little rubber baby toothbrushes normally run in the $4.99 range. My favorite part of the brush is actually that little mirror as sometimes thats the only way I can see into my little monkey's mouth!

The Summer Gentle Vibrations Massaging Toothbrush is available on Amazon as well as most major retailers. For those of you that prefer a non battery powered toothbrush Summer also has a 3 piece oral care kit which also includes a massager that is Mommy/Baby powered!


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