Sunday, February 3, 2008

Clothing Review : Polly Tod

Oh man did Polly Tod ever know I was coming!

Polly Tod is fresh new baby clothing company that offers cool baby tshirts in a HUGE variety of designs. There is a little something for everyone, no matter if your style is edgy to cute. They actually have a bold selection of edgy baby shirts that are quite daring!

I found quite a few I would love to own including this great robot tshirt (ok yes I know I have issues with the robots). And I really encourage you guys to go check them out for yourself, especially the mom bloggers out there!

Mommy Bloggers, Polly Tod is offering free tshirts in exchange for some bloggy love. Go on over and check out their free tshirt offer and start blogging away. I'm really having the worst time trying to figure out what shirt I want. The robots are so tempting but I think I've decided I want this one.I hate to admit it.. but Its true, Connor is indeed much cuter than I am :).


Stacy said...

contacted them about adding the bloggy love but haven't heard back yet...My favorite is "I AM LIVING PROOF GEEKS GET IT ON"


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this site, very funny stuff!

-Me- said...

I know how you feel..I had a super hard time deciding which one I wanted!

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