Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blanket Review : Cloudb Daddy Blanket

I've done several reviews of baby blankets and I figured with valentines day coming it was about time I did a blanket review for all the mommies and daddies out there (and well anyone as this blanket is fabulous).

Cloud b makes great sleep products for babies and kids so I knew this blanket would be great but until it arrived I really had no idea.

The Daddy Blanket is made of super super soft velvet and very generously sized at 70" X 60" this is the perfect snuggle time blanket or even a great bed blanket. I personally sleep with mine every night and wouldn't be caught in bed without it. The blanket itself is a soft sage green and the trim is a slightly darker pear its neutral enough to go with almost any decor.

Though named the Daddy Blanket (they actually do make a Mommy Blanket that is similar but in a diffrent color) I beg to differ that this blanket is great for mommies, daddies, grandparents, or you friend down the street! Connor even loves this blanket (not like the little rug rat doesn't have some blankets I would die to have in my size already!!) and we spend pretty much every morning snuggled underneath as I beg him for just an hour more of sleep.

For those of you that may wonder how well this blanket washes, I did use it as part of my Dropps test and I can tell you it only gets better with washing!

Though I don't plan on telling Connor, they do make a similar blanket in toddler size as well! Now if I can only get him to take a nap, Id really like to go snuggle up with my Daddy Blanket and take one too!

Want one? The Daddy Blanket is available on or in my store!


Anonymous said...

G' Day! Greetings from The Land Down Under! I stopped by your blog today to say "thanks" for participating in my Bloggy Giveaway! I will be posting the winner tomorrow.

Wow! That Daddy Blanket looks great!

Rockin' Mama said...

You have a store????


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