Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carrier Review : Chic Papoose

Gone are the days of ugly nylon baby carriers (at least for the moms in the know!)

I have been wearing my Chic Papoose baby sling all week and I have had nothing but complements on it! We actually went to the doctors office several times this week sporting our sling (ok I would have rather not gone to the doctor's office) and it was a relief to not have to drag in a huge stroller while I was not feeling so great and Connor loved to be able to lay his head on my shoulder as I'm sure he was feeling about as great as I was! ugg.

The best part about this sling though is its fabric. Most slings are made out of a plane cotton, or a plain silky type material, but not this sling. Depending on which sling you buy the sling is fully reversible and Chic Papoose uses a bold blend of fabric that I have yet to see in another sling company. Mine is similar to this one (the Riley) with a stripped cotton twill on the outside and a soft solid color very soft solid material on the inside. Though I usually wear mine striped side out I usually have to do a flip at the shoulder to tighten up my sling (as I'm super short) and you end up seeing both sides which gives the sling a little extra flair. We actually had another mom run us down in Target to ask us about the sling as its so unusual.

I actually feel fashionable wearing this sling around and it tends to dress up whatever your wearing.. the sling itself ends up becoming a important part of your outfit and seeing as I'm the Queen of solid colored clothing, the Chic Papoose is usually my fanciest accessory. If you haven't tried a sling carrier yet, this particular one is good from newborns up to toddlers, and there is not a huge amount of stretch in this pouch sling which is great for when your carrying an older heavier child in the hip hold.

We actually tried a pouch sling back when Connor was first born and he hated it.. well now I know why.. it didn't fit nor did it hang well.. I'm not going to name names but my faith in pouch slings has defently been restored after wearing this one around all week. I only wish we would have tried them again sooner!! We actually accomplished our first 5 block walk yesterday thanks to the Chic Papoose since Connor was born!

Want one?
Browse through Chic Papoose's current selection of slings. I really love the Riley but all of them are wonderful, you can purchase them directly from their web page.


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