Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bedding Review : Olive Kids

Olive Kids has some of the most fantastic toddler bedding sets any little boy or girl could dream of when moving up to that big boy or big girl bed set. What little boy does not dream of being a pirate at some point? (I'm a girl and even I had pirate aspirations for most of my childhood.. and ok.. my adult life)

Though we may not all be lucky enough to live the pirate life ... ARR.. we certainly can pretend! Connor and I spent Saturday night looking for treasure (and recouping from the flu!) on our Olive Kids rug. Melos is convinced its on the first island to the on the left most top of the rug... don't ask me why but he was spinning and barking on it the moment I laid it down.

Along with being absolutely adorable the Pirate rug is soo soft and really well made. We are saving all our pirate booty to buy the rest of the set once Connor graduates out of his crib. I am especially in love with the treasure chest pillow! If your not much of a pirate fan there are quite a few adorable sets to choose from and I'm sure everyone can find one that would work well for their child.

Along with bedding, Olive Kids sells the matching personalized clocks, throw blankets, wallpaper cutouts, and the cutest floor pillows!! (We defently want a pirate throw pillow!)

Want Some? Visit Olive Kids and see their entire collection!


Stacy said...

did you see the one with the construction trucks? OMG I think im going to order it for his room...

Milk Mama said...

Oh my gosh I love their bedding!

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