Saturday, February 9, 2008

Toy Review : Automoblox

Part Toy, part transformer, part work of art these toy cars are as beautiful as they are fun! Ive been admiring this toy car on my desk all week, and wow is it gorgeous. Not that beauty makes much of a difference to the little ones but it certainly helps from my perspective. The body of Automoblox is made of solid beech wood and the interchangeable parts are made of plastic. Each Automoblox body comes apart in three places all of which are interchangeable with other Automoblox. Actually almost all of pieces come apart including the treads on the tires.

Connor is a bit too young to play with the many abilities of this car but he loves to push it around on the ground and I took it apart several times to see how it worked. Here is a picture of it mostly disassembled.
The connectors and treads come apart as well so you can interchange tread colors with other cars.

My favorite aspect of the cars is actually the little people inside. The little men and women figurines remind me of playing Life as a little kid. I only wish they had kid figures!

Before we all came down with the flu, I made a visit to Target and I am soo excited to say I saw the Mini Automoblox there (they only carry the minis)! If you guys haven't seen them yet you should defently go check them out! You certainly will not be upset to see these laying around your house vs seeing a pile of ugly plastic toys!

Want them?
You can buy them directly from the Automoblox store, use the Store Locater, or on Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

I considered buying one of these for my son for Christmas this year. They are so much nicer looking than Hot Wheels. I agree that the people look like the figures from "Life", too!

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