Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feeding Review : Burp Catcher

Ever been sitting in a restaurant or some other public place holding your adorable little munchkin and before you know it something warm is running down your back?

This happened to my dad just a few weeks ago when Connor went to stay with them for the weekend. He ended up with Connor's dinner down his shirt for most of the evening.

Burpcatcher is a great new burp cloth design that is not only beautiful to look at but solves that problem of baby yack down the back. Connor has not been a huge spit up baby but the few times its happened its been at the most inconvenient embarrassing times possible, needless to say with this burp cloth in my diaper bag that will no longer be the case. If we are not at home and don't want to risk wearing a milk/pasta/peas back decoration its certainly worth it to have one of these handy.

Want one? You can buy one the many beautiful Burpcatcher designs directly from their webpage!


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