Saturday, January 26, 2008

Music Review : Putumayo Kids

Last week I reviewed Putumayo's new release Hawaiian Playground.. but don't let me stop there. Putumayo is a new addiction in this household. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard "The Wheels on the Bus.. go " (arg! Get out of my head already!!). Putumayo on the other hand is great background music and wonderfully addicting. I can easily put on any of these cds and happily study while Connor plays on the floor without being overly distracted, and actually I find them quite relaxing.

I would have a really hard time picking out my favorite of the one's we have reviewed thus far, I love them all for diffrent reasons. I highly recommend you visit their site and check out the song samples I promise if you at all like world music you will not be disappointed.

Celtic Dreamland

Ahhh the perfect mellow playtime cd, we use these one almost daily during nap time, playtime, and on those long car trips to my mom's house. Celtic Dreamland would make for some great yoga or workout music for those of you out there that are not moms as well. Our favorite track is Cagaran Gaolach.

French Playground

Talk about FUN! Though I only speak about five words in French I have had the pleasure to visit the southern regions of France on several occasions and its been with me ever since! We love listening to French Playground in the mornings when we are getting our day started and I always find myself dancing and singing along. (I really have no idea what they are saying but its fun to sing along.. there is a translation on Putumayo's webpage!) The one song that I actually do understand most of the words to happens to be my favorite, Wonderful.

Asian Dreamland

I would describe Asian Dreamland as the ultimate lullaby collection. The entire collection is so beautiful, I honestly cannot pick our favorite as I love all of them. If you could only buy one of these CDs this would be my pick, only because if your child is as stubborn as mine at naptime you really need this one! Along with Celtic Dreamland this makes for a great yoga and meditation cd as well, I have to admit I love to listen to this one before bed to wind down and relax, especially on the days I have my math class (ugg I hate that class!!)

Along with being just plain good music, I'm a huge believer in exposing children to other cultures including their music. This is a great way to start that journey.

Want some Putumayo in your life?

Visit Putumayo and check out their entire collection!


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