Sunday, January 27, 2008

Book Review : Flatten Me Custom Storybooks

For those of you that know me personally you should know by now how crazy I am about customized books for kids and I found another one to share with you guys!

FlattenMe offers the cutest customized storybooks, and for those of you that are about to venture into Potty Training I HIGHLY recommend you check out their Potty Dance book! Who wouldn't get excited about potty time if they had their own storybook with their picture just for that occasion?

Though honestly I think Margo, the creator of FlattenMe must have been listening to me when she created her story books. Not only do they have the Potty Dance Book, but as if she actually knew what I would want she also offers a Pirate Book (Here There Be Pirates), a fairy book (Tuesday Mushroom King), and to top that off there is one suitable for pets (My Little Monster)!! Up to date Melos has been left out of the customizing book craze so I decided to go with My Little Monster so he wouldn't feel left out. Plus what little boy wouldn't want a book about their best friend, especially one as cute as Melos?

Want your own FlattenMe Book? Visit their webpage!

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Stacy said...

I LOVE that Fairy book. Sophia is getting one for her fifth birthday. I think the monster one is appropriate for Sagan too, dont ya think? lol

I will be up working on a brouchure tonight, Ill see ya on line.

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