Saturday, January 26, 2008

Health Review : Summer Ear Thermometer Set

I am a huge fan of ear thermometers for adults but normally they are just not reliable for infants as the probes are mis-sized for their tiny ears.

Though I do not advocate a ear thermometer as a total replacement for the "traditional" methods of taking temperature it is a great way to monitor your child's temperature without super invasive measures (ie a thermometer in the rear which Im sure everyone can agree on is not pleasant for either party involved)

I came across this set right after Christmas when Connor had spent several nights running a fever. I HATED having to wake him up to take his tempature and a rectal reading on a cranky baby on christmas really spoils the fun as you can imagine so I swore I would look for a better method.

There are a few features on this ear thermometer that I really love!

  • Its not one size fits all, there are two separate probe tips one for infants and toddlers and one for adults. So you can use this for the entire family but the readings will be more accurate as it will actually fit the ear canal accordingly.
  • Fever alert glow - ok this is thermometer for "dummies" but I really love the fact that the screen changes color when it detects a fever. I don't know how many times in the middle of the night I have caught myself wondering "ok.. whats a fever start at again".. yes yes i know I'm a nursing student but seriously when your a 3am zombie even the smartest of people can turn into bumbling idiots. Try waking me up at 3am and asking me something even remotely simple, good luck.
  • No probe covers needed... remove the tip.. wash.. voila!
The Summer "Grow With Me" Ear Thermometer Set is available for $19.99 on Amazon!


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