Friday, January 25, 2008

Toy Review : Jack Rabbit Creations

So my dad came up with the brilliant idea that Connor MUST have a Jack in the box. Honestly, I find most Jack in the Boxes scary as I am NOT a huge fan of Clowns. The concept of a Jack in the Box though I really like and I love classic toys.

So off I went to try to find a Jack in the Box that was not a clown (or some sort of other creepy figure) and I came across Jack Rabbit Creations. Not only do they have non clown Jack in the Boxes but they offer Rabbits, Dogs, Monkeys, and of course Pirates!

Along with jack in the boxes they also offer a line of toys that feels old fashioned. I spotted this push toy horse and I had to have him.

To make any moms out there that worry about painted toys feel better they assure me that all of their toys meet or exceed lead tests. I personally love any toys that do not force me to spend hard earned dollars on batteries so I am a huge fan. There is just no way a picture could do justice to these toys so we made a video of them in action. Note : the horse is Connor's favorite toy of all at the moment and he has already obtained some minor ear injures from being mistreated by the slap master himself. You may need to turn up your sound just a smidgen to hear the sound on this video.

This video was made with a Flip Ultra Camcorder!

You can purchase your own Jack Rabbit Creations on Amazon!


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