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Feeding Review : Boon Products & Giveaway

I'm excited to start our new series reviews covering different aspects of baby care. Since Connor is in an in between stage of baby food and table foods I'm so excited that our first review has a little of both. Our first review of the new feeding series of course goes to Boon!

Even before Connor was born I did a lot of research on baby products and I will be honest I love function but looks are important to me as well. I have always been a big fan of streamline/modern baby products and Boon offers both! Honestly the only thing I would change about their products is more color choices (orange is just not my favorite color... only second least to yellow) but I will forgive their orange as their is real beauty in simplicity.

Boon Squirt :

Honestly I requested this item out of pure curiosity. It looks almost like an alien device more than a feeding spoon! The top half is a rubber bulb and the bottom half is a plastic clear spoon. You unscrew the two pieces and put your baby food inside, and every time you squeeze the bulb a surprisingly perfect amount of baby food dispenses and tada your ready to eat. It is super easy to use and I think even a big brother or big sister could master this better than they could even the old fashioned method. The real beauty though comes in its portability. It is soo much easier (as I found out today first hand) to whip out a preloaded spoon with food inside and start feeding (especially in the car!) than to try to maneuver a jar of food, spoon, wipes (in my case) and do all this without making a total mess. I successfully fed Connor today while in the backseat with him in the car seat and we didn't even make a mess! Overall this is a great product for on the go (and at home) honestly the only two things I can say that I disliked was two small things. The spoon size is a bit too big for Connor. Mind you he is a very small guy so for an average sized baby this would not be an issue and even with Connor it is doable we just had to take two tries at each bite. Also when you squeeze the bulb depending on the type of baby food you get a tiny tiny bit of splatter, honestly the traditional method is MUCH messier so I'm not sure I can honestly say that's a negative but I did want to bring some attention to it.
Boon Snack Ball :

I was excited about this product but its fairly basic so I didn't think I would be as a fan as I really am. The snack ball is very simple in design.. the top rotates to the side to expose the goodies inside (its not so easy that a baby could do it themselves which is nice, as you wont have cheerios all over the house when you least expect it) Otherwise the two halves screw apart for easy cleaning. I adore this product for two reasons.. previously I used zip locks to carry around snacks and without fail they ended up as crushed bits in my diaper bag.. now there is no fear of powered cereals. We have also found that the treat ball is also a GREAT toy. Connor loves to shake it, roll it, chase it around, and with snackies inside it sounds like a rattle. This has saved my butt on several occasions in the short amount of time I've had it. For the price you would pay for this it is worth it for its weight in zip locks alone. Using this verses disposable items is also earth friendly! For 6.49 even the budget friendly mom cannot complain. Just a little note.. once your child is a little older they can eat their own snacks directly from the ball.. the opening is just the right size for smaller hands.

Want one?

You can buy the Snack Ball & Squirt on Amazon or you can buy them directly through Boon!

Here is the best part...

Boon is offering a Snack Ball & Squirt to one lucky winner!

Enter to Win :

  • Leave a comment on this post. Go visit Boon. Tell me which products are your favorite and/or are you most likely to buy. No "i want to win" stuff without a little effort (and I do mean little!)
  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you (be it leave me your email address on the post if you dont want to leave it in the comment.
  • To get extra credit :
    • For 2 extra entries - blog about my contest on your webpage and add a link to this blog.
    • For 5 extra entries - put a link to my webpage in your sidebar.
  • This contest will end Jan 13th at midnight!


windycindy said...

Hello, Thanks for all of the fabulous contests that you search out day after day! I appreciate it. There are three products that stood out to me from "Boon"! The "Frog Pad Deluxe",
The "Wave" Toddler/Child Bracelet and The "Animal Bag Trio in Orange"! Thanks very much.....Cindi

Unknown said...

Oval Animal Bag
Fluid are some of my favorites. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful semster!

Madame Moore said...

Wow. The Flair high chair is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

But, would I buy it? Probably... no. (I'm so cheap.)

So, I also like the Groovy, but that seems like the kind of thing my husband would say, "Don't we have something like that already from the thrift store?"

I think I'm going for the Squirt. That seems like a great idea, great gift - although, I might need the catch bowl for myself and my ramen noodles. :)

This has also been blogged:

Rockin' Mama said...

Boon products are awesome! I have the Frog Pod and it's wonderful. I would really like to buy one of the animal bags to put my son's toys in. Of course the highchair is something I can only dream about...: )

noreen said...

I got my neice an animal bag, she loves it. I would love the fluid, frog pod, the potty bench and the flo seems so cool I want one for my bath :)

Danielle said...

I am madly in love with the animal bags! Such a simple and useful idea! Id also love the Fluid sippy, Squirt spoon, and I think the Flo would be great for rinsing DS's hair. I think he would like the waterfall effect and not squirm away from me!!!
dansan826 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I've been admiring their potty bench for a long time now! Very inventive!

I also blogged you at An Island Review. Thanks!

anislandlife at yahoo dot com

heather h said...

Oh my, Boon is such a rad company! Have you seen Boon's baby/toddler jewelry? Oh my, it is gorgeous! I love the Ric Rac and Bubbles bracelets. We have the Flo and enjoy it. We haven't tried to put shampoo or bubble bath in it to make an uber bubble bath. (Yes, it makes bubbles, too!) And the animal bags, oh the animal bags, we need one so bad. For the zillion and one cutie-pie stuffed animals we've amassed for my 14 month old. Who doesn't play with them. But hey, they are so cute, and we love 'em!

Please please pick me, I have a three inch thick layer of crushed Cheerios and Annie's cheesy bunnies floating along the bottom of my diaper bag. Every time I wildly plunge my hand in to grab my lip gloss, somehow that space between my fingertip and fingernail clings to Cheerio dust. It is beyond impossible to remove crushed toddler snack residue from behind your fingernails. Try it. Then you'll wish you had a little Boon ball rolling around your diaper bag protecting those precious Cheerios.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about form & function combined to create a primo product. Great review. Thanks!

Tarasview said...

I LOVE the animal bags! What an fabulous idea! I also love the snack ball... I'm always carrying around ziploc bags of crushed cheerios too!

I shared your post on my blog- and I put a link to your site in my sidebar!

Amanda said...

I would choose the potty chair or the animal bag. Such cute stuff!

Andrea said...

I would love to try their 361 Fluid bottle/sippy cup!! It looks really handy. I also blogged about your contest here:

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

I love the frog pod. What a great idea to help with tub toys and things.

Thanks for the great giveaway!


bison61 said...

I thought the Boon Inc. Fluid and catch bowls are a good idea

Taryn said...

We love the Frog Pod and Flo! What great designs!

kevnjacks said...

I've been waiting for a good sale to get the Flo for a while now! I think Boon products are so functional and I love how cool they look! :)

Stacey Moore said...

the 701 Flair chair is cool!! thanks so much!!

Owner said...

i've wanted a Frog Pod for awhile, but i love that Flo too now. hmm... must find a way to get that! :)
will definitely be blogging about this on my fishsticks and fishbowls blog, and i already have a link to this blog on there. :D

Superdumb Supervillain said...

The Potty Bench trained my daughter! I want to try the squirt and fluid with my son now that he is starting solid food.

Sassyfrazz said...

I want to get one of those animal bags! I love the FLo, and I really like that frog for the tub.

Thanks for a chance to win!

sharvey at connections-etc dot net

Sassyfrazz said...

Here is my blog post for 2 extra entries:

Anonymous said...

I love the Fluid sippy cup, the Snack Ball and the Bubbles and Swell Jewelry
angiegammage at

frannie said...

I really like the bender spoons--- good idea!

phxbne said...

I love the Trio animal bag - and most of the jewelry too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the animal bags...what a great idea!!! I also like Flo.

Alexia said...

Okay, first of all, this giveaway is AWESOME! I am in love with Boon...I'm always drooling over their products!

Second, here's my list. And this is stuff I plan on buying when I have the cash too!
-Snack Ball
-Potty Bench

I've blogged about your contest AND added you to my blogroll on my sidebar!

T'aowyn said...

The Squirt and the fluid are my choices. I think I will get the squirt for my sister to start feeding her baby. That is ingenious.

taowyn (at) gmail (dot) com

Miscellany Mom said...

love the fluid but the snack ball looks so fun!

Becca said...

I've been wanting this Snack Ball for a while. It looks fantastic. And thanks for your review of the Squirt. When I first saw it I was skeptical, but I've never met anyone who's actually used it.

lace said...

I adore Boon. My favs are Flo, the duo bracelet, and the groovy plate.

I blogged here:

I also put a link to you on my sidebar in some of my favorite places section.

Qtpies7 said...

I have the Flo, and it is wonderful! Love it!
My toddler loves the orange utensils set, he doesn't even want us to dirty them with food because he loves them so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest links. I really have a fun time entering them, and I've even won a couple in the few weeks since I've discovered your blogs. Anyway, about this contest, I think those animal bags are cute, and I think that squeeze spoon feeder is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

wow, I've never even heard of these and now I need to get the Fluid and the Snack ball!!!

workoutmommy at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Boon Bath set, and the frog pod

Camille Wilson
wiredwilsons [at] gmail [dot] com

Brooke said...

I absolutely LOVE the bubbles bracelet. It would look beautiful on my daughter's delicate feminine wrists. Please randomly select me!

Nick, Megan, Chelsea and Tenlee said...

Please pick me! I'm going to buy the frog pod...nice and bright for the tub...and I would love the potty bench. Great products!


brandy said...

i like the snack ball, i carry around plastic baggies. so this would be helpful
bwalleshauser at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I like the animal bag, but we have the frog pod and I love Boon products! So fun and creative! Thanks!

Stacey said...

Well, the aquirt is actually the one thing I am very interested in from Boon, but I love the frog pod too!

Anonymous said...

I badly needed the 401 Frog Pod! And it's a bonus that I love collecting frog collectibles.

BTW, I blog about you here.


Anonymous said...

BTW added you to my blogroll..I hope that counts.

Cori said...

I really like their frogpod

Jo said...

I love the Animal Bag!! Great idea for a reading corner and it keeps the soft toys in check!
bvbabybv at

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