Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Book Review : Aardvark Books

The Voyage of the Sea Noodle
by Aardvark Stories
Ok this is not the typical book review.. this book falls somewhere between a gift and a book.. but for all intensive purposes I'm classifying this as a book review.

Of all the gifts Connor received for Christmas... this one blows the water off every gift that fell under our tree this year. We ordered it a bit late for Christmas and still the ladies over at Aardvark worked their hineys off and got it to us just in time (Thanks!! You have no idea what a big deal this was for us for Christmas!) Though Connor is still a bit too young to truely appreciate this gift it certainly will be one of those gifts that he himself will most likely reading to his own children and grandchildren and possibly even his great great grandchildren as baring something traumatic happening to this book I personally will protect it and make sure it at least makes it through his own childhood loved but not "over loved".

I came across Aardvark books in one of my early attempts to find really unique items to share with my readers and put them on the back burner for a bit as honestly I thought the book prices were high... if I had know what I didn't know then, I would have thought it was a steal. For $49.95 you receive a book that is personalized in every aspect for your child. (Belive me.. you could not take this book away from me for even triple that!) He or She is truly the main character and all you have to do is send in a few photos with different expressions. Each book has a unique set of pictures you need to send in and each book's page shows examples of the pictures you should send. Mind you Connor is not good at doing all of the expressions that they wanted nor would he do them on command so I had to take about 50 pictures to get just the right set. The best part is, they take those pictures and carefully edit them so that your child then becomes the main character of each book!

I have always dreamed of being a pirate, long before pirates were popular in movies. I remember making elabrite treasure maps and spending long afternoons in Florida with my grandfather burying "treasure" and playing pirate ship along the Gulf of Mexico. The moment I saw this book I just knew Connor had to be a pirate.. if even in a story.

Not only is the book colorful and fun to read but the story is adorable. Your little person finds a treasure map in their room and sets off on an adventure to find the rest of the map and the treasure. For parents that are worried about a message of greed or material things don't even fret as the treasure turns out to be something far better than gold or candy. Just wait.. you will see. Though I would really like to know where this island of lost socks is ... as I'm fairly sure a few of my favorite socks are hiding there!

Now I just have to start saving some money.. as I think Connor would really love to go on a Jungle Adventure next!

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jchapel said...

Hi.I like the book very much.The best part is, they take those pictures and carefully edit them so that your child then becomes the main character of each book!
James Chapel
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